Friday, 24 October 2008

Put those darn scissors down woman!

I was right. She has now attacked my chest, belly and (oh the shame of it) my nether regions with those damn scissors. At that point I started a major wriggling campaign and she let me off 'until another day'.

Ominous. Thankfully having half a haircut doesn't look too stupid. At least she did both front legs at once. I remember one time she did one paw and leg and not the other, and I looked like a right ninny. People commented. It was humiliating.

So it is Friday night. I have just finished my barking-at-the-neighbour-unpacking-his-car routine. Well, he was going about it in a very suspicious manner. I have not had enough food, having only had one proper meal event and one small snack. Oh and quite a few bits of pilchard bread during my haircut trauma this morning. So, by my reckoning I am due another complete meal. More lamb breast (lovely and meaty, with crunchy little soft boney bits...mmmmmm) would be fine, but I would also accept mince. I am a little fished out, to be honest, as that's what we've had the last two days. To be honest, I'll eat pretty much anything Mum puts in my bowl (or drops on the floor, I am an excellent hoover), though by preference I would up my rations quite substantially.

Sad news on the walks front. That Whippet is now allowed off lead again, having healed sufficiently well. He was a right pain in the backside yesterday and got very over-excited, which I told him in no uncertain terms (Dad says it was my fault but I think he was mistaken) and I hold him entirely repsonsible for the fact that we were both on-leads and walked along a boring lane today.


Clive has had to leave off blogging temporarily because it seems that a T.O.Y. is at large!!!

Naturally he has had to go investigate. He will return anon.

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Anonymous said...

Clive I have got a BRILLIANT tinkly ball.

I don't want to share it with you I'm just telling you.

I might go and play with it now.

Or maybe I will play with my bear or my tatty bit of rope.