Friday, 3 October 2008

I am victorious! She has crumbled before the might of the Cocker and pilchard bread is currently cooling in the kitchen. I am not supposed to know that, as she hasn't deemed to inform us, but how could she fox a nose like mine? It's about time as well, we had to make do with cheese last night! What a shocker.

Went on a brilliant walk with Dad today. All the way round the local mountain. Something wierd is happening though. Dylan and me had one of our 'conversations', which Mum and Dad hate, and normally when we do that they wade in and try and seperate us. But today, Dad just walked away from us. We were that surprised we just stopped 'talking' and followed after him. Didn't seem much point if he wasn't watching. He told Mum we'd had a scrap, though that is such an exageration - I was merely pointing out that Dylan was doing something I didn't like, and he was replying - but they seemed pleased to the point of smugness that we'd stopped once they stopped looking at us. I suspect Boot Camp rules.

I wonder if it is the garlic version of pilchard bread or the straightforward version? Do you know, we haven't had any of those tasty little peanut butter biscuits for a long time. We're definintely due some of those.

Oh! I nearly forgot! I have exciting news! Again, not something I am supposed to know, but I have good hearing and am an excellent conversation overhearer. I think, I'm not sure, but I think, that it's a very special day for me on Monday! Not Dylan, just me! I have absolutely no idea why, but I think it's an excellent idea.

A day dedicated to Clive.

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FlossieJane said...

Well Clive, found you at last. All those thoughts you did not share with me before are now out in the wide world! I understand how you feel about Dylan but life is unfair and you just have to put up with it - ask Mum's brothers, they had to put up with her arrival. Just remember, spoken disagreements can be sorted out easily, the written (or in your case dictated) comment is harder to deal with.

I do feel, without being partisan, that your treatment in general and dietary arrangements in particular are sufficient if not good. Three stars at least - and remember that when next you visit Solva you will be fed according to instructions BUT there is a box on the top of the fridge...

Well, the electricians have just about finished and the computer man is about to arrive so I must go but I will communicate again when I have read all your words or wisdom - or complaint!