Sunday, 12 October 2008


Man down, we have a man down! Disaster has struck at the heart of The Free the Toys Campaign Committee! Dylan, foot soldier, sound board and fellow toy-lover, took it into his head to jump off a ten foot cliff on our walk today and cut off part of his pad! The blood! Eugh.

I am now alone in my quest. Dylan is prostrate at Mum's feet, being pathetic and occasionally holding his paw up in a stupid manner. His has an embarassing bandage and sock affair strapped to his paw. And he calls himself an "action kind of guy". If you can't tell, right now, I am shaking my head.

It's not as if we were even engaged in dangerous activites relating to the Campaign! Just tooling about the woods with Dad, enjoying the sunshine, sniffing out sniffs, being dawgs. It probably means a trip to the V.E.T.s but don't tell Dylan, he'll get even more drama-queenish. And that would be hard to take.

On the Campaign front, until this set-back I was hopeful that we were nearing the end of the tyranny. Dylan had put in some really solid "beseeching eyes" work last night after dinner, and reported back that Mum seemed to be near to cracking. I have been scanning the internet to find hypnosis instructions. Also, we overhead an interesting snippet from Dad, which I am sure - if I heard what he said correctly - we can use to our advantage. It went along the lines of "so long as they don't figure out how to pile stuff up and get to the shelf, we'll be alright'.

Now this alerted us to the possibility that, assuming they were discussing the Campaign at the time, not all the toys were in the Toy Prison! It is true that in the past toys have sometimes been kept on a high shelf in the pub. But, and I have to admit it's a big but, it's a very high shelf and we are not actually allowed behind the bar which would be the best location to pile stuff up (also not sure what 'stuff' Dad was referring to - is this a specific term for an item which is made for 'piling up' situations? Or are you supposed to use items we find lying around the place? Don't know.). I was hoping the Dylan and I could discuss this tonight, but he is now all "ooohhh, my paw" and "leave me alone Clive" so he's going to be no use at all.

I feel a little deflated. It has been 6 days without toys now, with the exception of the beach. They definitely won't let Dylan play with any at the moment because his "enthusiastic" style would hurt his paw. And if they don't let him, they're not likely to let me.

I guess it's down to me now. I just need to dig deep and not give up hope.

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Muppet said...

Dear Clive.

Please keep up your spirits, it is important to stay strong and try and learn some of Dylan's woe is me looks. I can do them well too and they work brilliantly. I can't offer you much jumping-to-high-shelf advice because I have shorter legs than you and can't jump on anything. But I think if you get the itwasntme look you'll work it out when you least expect it, and won't get the blame. Chip up old chap!

Muppet xxx