Thursday, 16 October 2008

Dylan is telling lies. I am sure of it. At least, he better be. He said that while Dad was taking me out for a walk yesterday (silly cut pad boy had to stay at home) he and Mum had a game with a T.O.Y.! He claims it was green dog, which is a fairly boring toy as it doesn't squeak or honk or throw very well. But it is a toy nonetheless! I definitely don't believe him.

Although. Although. Something odd happened tonight. I was lounging good and proper on the sofa, all paws to the ceiling and that kind of thing, when Mum came up from the pub. I prepared to launch myself onto the floor when she came over and gave me a great big hug! And then she gave my chops a tickle, and then I got a full on belly rub. And not once did she ask me to get off the sofa! Lovely, but also disconcerting.

Does this mean Boot Camp is off? Dare I hope? I have also had access to the bedroom today, though I haven't risked going on to their bed. Are we no longer in Disgrace? Was Dylan telling the truth?

So many questions!

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sunnylab said...

Dear Clive
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Leadership as you are discovering is rarely easy, and foot soldiers have to be brought into line. Getting their commitment is tricky and difficult. Keep on Clive, we are sure you will get there somehow!
Your management technique of brainstorming solutions to your problems is commendable, and attention to detail is magnificant, however now perhaps you will need to think outside the box. It seems to us that you need external assistance in your campaign. Influential people can help you succeed where previously you only encountererd difficulties.We note that you are confident Internet users, now may be the time to exploit this. A lady in a palace in London has some Corgis who may be able to help. It might be worth emailing them your problem and asking them to get their mistress to interceed on your behalf? Even parents might be impressed at your regal connections and be prepared in the interests of deference to amend their objections.

We wish you well, and would like to stress that a bone and basket is waiting here in warmer climes should you feel the need for some R and R

Lady and family