Friday, 10 October 2008

Campaign Day Two

Day 4 without Toys.

Okay, so things didn't exactly go to plan. In fact, I don't think Dylan even read the plan! Every time I went to put my paws on his back to hop up he got all ancy and mvoed about. Said I was tickling him, and it "felt funny". Idiot. Ruined everything! I didn't get anywhere near the handle on the Toy Prison door.

So, we have had to think again. Thinking is something I am good at, so I have done a thinking...thing. I call it a "Mind Meld". To be honest I'm not at all sure what one of those is, but it sounds good! It will help us decide what to do next.

I'm feeling really positive that one of these ideas will work. Dylan and I need to talk things through tonight (though why I bother to even involve him I don't know...) and we will start afresh tomorrow.

On a more positive note, we had a fab walk at the beach today. I was very worried that the Toy Ban would extend to the beach (it's the only time we are allowed toys on our walks) but thankfully we both got lucky! Mum obviously isn't so silly as to deny us on the beach. Dylan is sad though because his beloved kong is on its last legs. It is almost split in two. I had a good look at it when I took it half way through the walk (it's okay, I gave it back...well, okay, Dad took it back but that's not so different is it?) and it is definitely not long for this world. He will be lost without it.

Sadly, we were not fed before our walk (most remiss, though I understand there are "issues" to do with me having a tendency to throw up in a moving vehicle if I've eaten recently, but that was a phase when I was a puppy and I still deny that I threw up 8 times in the space of a one hour journey...). And our walk was in the afternoon so when we got home we were Starving! However, Mum did not remember to give us extra rations so I am now going to write her a note to remind her we are owed one whole meal. She is very forgetful.

I'm off to take Dylan through the Mind Meld options. One of them must be the solution to our desperate struggle!

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