Sunday, 19 October 2008

In which I get lyrical

I have had an important communication from a land far away! I had to look in the atlas to see where this "Cyprus" place was, and indeed it is many miles from here. A small place, but obviously a place where intelligent and thoughtful dogs live. In my communication (entitled a "comment") I have received highly useful intelligence that may well get the Free the Toys Campaign back on track. I need to consider my options, based on this new intelligence, but I am confident that this marks the start of a whole new phase of the Campaign.

I may even be able to get that damn Whippet back in line.

I would also like to take a moment to thank my "Followers". I don't know you. You don't know me. But you Follow Me nonetheless, thus proving your worth and dedication. I thank you all. To celebrate this special group of people, I have penned a little verse. I hope you like it.

To my Followers

You follow me, I see it, I care.
You follow me here, you follow me there.
I like being followed, I like it when you're there.
Please follow me even if I've no hair.

Thank you one and all.

1 comment:

Muppet said...

Clive, I have concerns.

Whilst your lyrics are lyrically quite genius, the last line leads me to believe you may be colluding in my household with the catwithnofur. Please assure me that you are a kindred spirit intent on keeping the whole household in line and not hopping to the other side with the baldies, and that the catwithnofur in my house has not been attempting to influence you.

Yours concernedly