Thursday, 23 October 2008

A parcel arrived for me!

Not treats (sadly) but instead a new jumper. And no, before you ask, I do not wish to post a photo. I am in two minds about jumpers. It is a rare day that I actually need one, since I have such a magnificent naturally thick coat, but in this 'special' building with its 'special' heating system, it does get significantly cold in winter. And winter is on its way.

Most of the time, I am just hot and scratchy if I wear my jumper (just to clarify, I don't exactly get to choose if I am going to wear it, it gets put on me). I am an expert at extracting myself from it (either by using special secret spaniel jumper evacuation techniques that I am unable to share with you or by looking so pathetic and refusing to move that some nearby human takes pity on me).

On occasion, though, as the mood takes me and the weather deteriorates, I can be found happily - and very stylishly I may add - relaxing in my jumper, generally on the sofa or comfy chair. It stops me shivering and gives me a certain, how shall I put it, individuality.

This new jumper was tailor made especially for me by my human Granny. She has done a Very Good Job, I must say. It is dark blue with a turquoise trim. Manly. Spanielesque. And importantly, a one off. No other spaniel will be sporting exactly my sense of style.

On an altogether darker note, I am also 'developing' a new haircut. By this I mean that I have been at the receiving end of the scissors, but since this was confined to my head and neck, I suspect there is more to come.

I hate the scissors and I have used this to my advantage by training my Mum to feed me copious amounts of tasty morsels whilst she wields them. For this, I can just about put up with these vicious implements.

Anyone who thinks getting a haircut is fun is M.A.D.

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Sarah and Bran said...

Clive - there is a distinct lack of photos in this 'ere blog. My muvver posts photos of me all over the place looking stupid - have you seen the ones of me having a baff??? And there have been photos of me wearing my coat (I agree on the itchiness but oooooooooh it's so warm and snuggly and my muvver very sneakily only puts it on me when I am very cold and a bit wet and very sleepy so I really can't be bothered to argue).

So. Cough up with the embarrassing jumper and haircut photos purlease.

Bran xx