Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Inner Puppy

Tonight I am feeling rather mellow. I must admit that recently I have been a little out of sorts. Yesterday was particularly trying. The darn parents kept going out and leaving me with just That Stupid Whippet for company. I got grumpy; there were words. I'll leave it there.

Today, though, I feel somewhat refreshed and my inner puppy has been out to play. This generally results in much bouncing, some really good clubbing of Dylan round the head with my paws (it's all in good fun, of course), lots of wagging and asking for belly rubs.

I have been sociable and confident. Mostly. There was that incident with the pumpkin, but I prefer not to think about that right now.

I like my inner puppy. It is a good thing. Fun, energising, relaxing. I'm not sure where you get them from, mine always seems to have been there, but I do think it is sad that not everyone has one. Do they fade as you get older? Can you get a lotion or potion that makes them stay? I would like to be able to summon it on command, but it is a slippery thing, ducking and diving.

I have noticed a pattern. No inner puppy = grumpiness. Inner puppy = happiness.

I must talk to Dad about the possibility of finding the cause of my inner puppy and how I can then patent it and sell it for millions.

Then I can have all the treats and toys that I desire. And deserve!


FlossieJane said...

Well done, you are well on the way to understanding life - inner puppy is good. However you have missed the answer to everything - and dad should be able to tell you, he is a great fan or at least he was before you went to live with him and mum. If he has forgotten, tell him it involves two numbers which he has notg yet reached. Then run for cover beforfe he throws something at you 'cos I'm not within range.

FlossieJane said...

dear me, my typing is terrible tonight - all fingers and thumbs and not in the right order either.

be a good dog and you can come and see me and human grandad soon but you will have to bring THAT WHIPPET too - and some dinner and breakfast and treats.........