Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I seem to have caused offence

It seems I have (methaphorically of course) bitten the hand that feeds me. Mother is Very Upset. In fact, she has given me a list of things she would like me to Think Upon.
  • Mum and Dad would definitely notice if I left and another dog took my place and are quite offended that I would think otherwise.
  • Mum and Dad are concerned that I have too high an opinion of myself in assuming that someone else would happily swap their dog for me without a second thought.
  • Mum and Dad are sad that I think the fun is lost from life, they think we have lots of fun together (they go on to list lots of so-called 'fun' incidents...blah blah blah).
  • Mum and Dad think I am prone to exageration, since the majority of the time (in their opinion!) me and That Whippet get along just fine (again, more listing of examples....yaddah yaddah yaddah).
You know what I say?

Talk to the paw!

1 comment:

Ruby Isabella said...

I simply can't believe that you would exaggerate, Clive. You strike me as a hound who sticks strictly to the facts.