Sunday, 29 March 2009

A crime! An international crime!

When I woke this morning, I felt it straight away. Something was missing and I couldn't find it anywhere! I asked Dad and he didn't know, I asked That Whippet and he just looked at me with a stupid expression on his face (don't know what else I expected really). Then I asked Mum and she said we had lost an hour!

I am horrified! A whole hour has been stolen and no-one - yes! no-one - seems to care! Mum said it was normal and happened every year. It even has a name - "British Summer Time". I just can't understand her slapdash attitude to this obnoxious crime.

So, I have decided to Do Something About It. I have put together a detecting pack and am ready to get detecting! My pack consists of:
  • Some paper to jot down notes (I chose to reuse paper as I believe in recycling - this time I am reusing one of Mum's nonsensical dog training manuals. I am perfect and need no more training).
  • A crayon to use with my paper (Dad, being an artist, always has pens and stuff lying around, he says they're expensive and I'm not to use them, but I always say quality deserves quality).
  • A clock (interrogation of witnesses is always crucial to tracking down criminals).
  • That Whippet (every detective needs a stupid side-kick, though I must admit to be scraping the barrel with this one).
  • A Magnifying Glass (I have ordered one of these and a copy of Sherlock Holmes from the internet with Mum's paypal account so that I might understand the finer points of this complex instrument of detection).
So I am ready (almost, my internet order should arrive tomorrow as I chose the courier 'before 12 noon' service) and willing to sniff out this hideous master criminal!

Be on your guard! Your hour could be next!


Muppet said...

Clive! I've lost my hour too!!!




Clive said...

So you are are a victim too Muppet! I pledge to do my best to seek out this thief and return your hour!

Ruby Isabella said...

In Australia, nearly all states lose an hour from time to time but here in Queensland we are very careful and don't let this type of crime happen. Good luck with your investigation.

Anna the GSD said...

They already took our hour...Mom is just now back to normal and less grumpy. The cats were whiney and starving (even though they got fed an hour earlier...stupid kitties) and I had to get up early with a grumpy mom.

Stupid time.