Monday, 6 August 2012

A new start for training?

In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi human.  The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog~Edward Hoagland

Now I have no idea who this writer chap was but I like his attitude. I have been musing for some time as to the best approach to the dog-human training relationship and for me, this little phrase is a great starting point.

Before kitting yourself with a massive array of training equipment perhaps it would be wise to spend at least a few moments (or maybe even a little longer) learning what us dogs are actually about?

The human-dog partnership is a wonderful thing. Until, that is, you decide to rub our noses in our own mess, attach shock collars to our necks and squirt high pressure air in our faces if we bark. And we will bark, you know, we are DOGS.

So I make you a promise. I will study human behaviour and try to be more understanding as to why exactly it is you don't always feed me on time or let me sleep in the centre of the bed all night long, if you will study dog behaviour. We bark, we dig, we chase, we roll and you need to know why. 

It will be our little educational adventure. With quite a lot of rolling. In smelly stuff.

Seriously, you should try it, it's very liberating.  

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FlossieJane said...

well Clive, a bit of a shock catching up with your blogs. Yes, I know I haven't been on recently but due to not being allowed to garden or do anything remotely physical for a week or two I started a little light housekeeping on my computer and in due course up came Pub Dog Days.
Well, once I had remembered how to sign in I was in for a shock or two.

1. I thought it was the whippet who defiled the carpet - the marks have come out - but it was good of you to confess. A little treat when next I see you perhaps.

2. We have to have a chat about the dining room table: the boss here has recently bought a new one and guess who will be in trouble if you scratch it and go home before it is noticed.......?

3. Yes, I KNOW it was you who ate my sandwich - and when I was trying to be particularly useful! Have you no sense of timing or occasion???

However all will be forgiven if not forgotten if you behave yourself at the upcoming celebration in honour of my venerable age - do I have your best efforts to rely on?

You know who I am - she who feeds when you come on holiday in NE Wales.