Tuesday, 3 July 2012

It's all about the tongue!

Well, it is today anyway. Tongues are great. They help you get food in your mouth, they cool you down. They can make you look pensive, inquisitive, or just plain happy. To be honest, they can also make you look ridiculous, but we're dogs and we Don't Care!!

So, here's a few of my favourite tongue shots. Just for you.

First off, my 'I may be hot and tired but this tongue says I'm still ready for more! Throw the darn ball again!" Damn I look good. Don't I look good?

This next one brings back memories. This is the "my tongue is gonna get me home" look that strikes at the heart of every knackered but happy pooch. By the way, don't ever call me pooch. It's demeaning unless you're a dog. Just wanted to let you know that. No-one mention the Dennis Healey eyebrows please.

And finally (I may be showing off a tad here but every dog should be able to celebrate his finer side) a classic pose. It's the 'could have been done in a studio it's so great but actually it was serendipity that I look this poised, this handsome and Gadzooks! Will you look at that amazing tongue!!' shot.

Hello to dog tongues everywhere.

Thank you and goodnight.

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