Thursday, 10 May 2012

A new start?

Recently I been reflecting on the twists and turns life takes. One day you live amongst the canals and cornfields of Wiltshire, the next you are half way up a hill in Wales with meet and greet duties every evening. Just as you have finally gotten used to the fact of living with a stupid collie whippet, a new Thing moves in and turns everything upside down.

What can a Spaniel do? For some time now I have been pondering on my Role. In the family, the business, the world. I am in my prime, I have so much to give and despite the surface impression, there is more to me than food and sofas. Though they are very important, of course.

What got me thinking was the offering of an unexpected new alliance. It made me realise there is potential in the darkest corners.

The Thing dropped food. Now I have commented on this before, so it is nothing new. But let me clarify. The Thing leant over his chair, looked into my big brown eyes and then dropped food. At first I thought it must be a coincidence. Mere serendipity. But then it happened again. And again. I could quickly tell the difference between accidentally dropped food (though still happily received) and deliberately dropped food.

We have connected! The Thing and I! A mysterious link has been forged between us. I do not say I am not still annoyed by his grabby ways and unending babble, but I see hope on the horizon.

I suppose now I must start calling The Thing by his given name, though I am as yet unsure exactly what his is.

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