Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I am lost for words!

I am accused of heavy handed interview techniques with the witnesses! I cannot believe it! I, Clive, am a perfect gentleman! Yes, I am capable of sticking up for myself when required, but to say such dreadful things!

The situation is this. Sometime since my round of interviewing last week, one of the witnesses - the Old Ship's Clock - has developed a little 'issue' . I suspect willfulness on the clock's part, or maybe even a conspiracy to turn this case on its head and frame me - the brave detective! - but the fact is that the hour hand on the clock is looking distinctly cockeyed. Perhaps this is some kind of reaction to the original crime? The other clocks aren't suffering in the same way though. It is most mysterious.

There is another facet to this problem. They do say that the person who reported a crime is often actually the perpetrator, and so I suspect Mum may have had more to do with it than she is letting on. But for my own mother to be using me as a fall guy? I wouldn't have thought it possible!

I am going to have to practice a little divide and conquer, and go talk to Dad about this.

By the way, my nose is improving slightly, I think the lovely little bits of cheese that Dad is giving me morning and night are really helping, but since there is no proper explanation of the cause, I am still very wary that I am being targeted in order to stop me detecting.

I wonder if Sherlock Holmes ever had such problems?


Anna the GSD said...

I'm experiencing issues in my own investigation...word to the wise, do not trust kitties.

Clive said...

Dear Anna

I am unfamiliar with this term 'kitties'. Is this some kind of unrealiable side kick, such as That Whippet, or is it a more sinister kind of hitman intent on disrupting your investigation?

Regards, and welcome,


Anna the GSD said...

Kitties are evil Russian spies sent to destroy you.

They take up valuable lap space from your parents and the end of their paws are made of glass. They also bite. They are very rabid spidermonkey-squirrel like.

Don't trust one, ever. they are very wise. I'm pretty sure they had something to do with your hour.