Sunday, 4 January 2009

Stuff being benign....

He gets everything he asks for! Boing boing bloody boing. He makes me dizzy. Mum says it will be better now we can get back into our routine and get back to our new regime of calming meals (I don't care if they're calming, I just want them to be plentiful) and regular training. In the meantime, does anyone want a boingy hairy whippet?

It has been a whirlwind of activity here. There's this wierd thing called Christmas, which was kind of cool because one of my favourite people came to visit (though I'm not sure he loves me as much as I love him, he won't let me sit on him!) and we got presents to open (Mum complained though because she had to sew up our new toys on day two - why else do we have toys except to chew them???) and nice treats to eat. And then more people came to visit, some of them a bit on the short side (but quite fun) and the pub has been heaving.

I have been feeling quite sociable recently so have been checking out the customers. Many of them have interesting trousers (fantastically some of them stink of fish! Brilliant!) so I like to spend time catching up on the neighbourhood news. Seems when you live in a pub, you get access to lots of trousers! I quite like it.

Anyway, Mum says me and That Whippet have to draw up our New Year's Resolutions. I said hers should include more generous food portions for me and trying harder to find a new home for That Whippet. She said not to be so cheeky, and that my "brother" (ha!) is not going anywhere.


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Ruby Isabella said...

What a lucky hound you are living in a pub! Lots of activity and trousers to sniff. I bet people love having you around too. YES! More food for '09!!!!