Thursday, 11 December 2008

A Statement.

I would like to put out a statement please. I won't be taking questions.

I, Clive, recognise the right of him (That Whippet) to have his own blog. Even if he doesn't deserve one. Sorry. Anyway. I recognise that it is not a threat to my blog, that we each have our own identities and ideas and are allowed to express them.

I, Clive, also recognise that it was wrong of me to spend the week sulking about this. And that it was wrong of me to change Dylan's password (well, honestly, hasn't he heard of security? it was sooo easy to crack) so that he couldn't blog.

I, Clive, will try to more benign in future.


Trying reealllllllly hard.


Anonymous said...

Clive, what a terrible affront to your dignity.

Nearly as bad as having your arse whopped by a girl.

Ruby Isabella said...

Don't worry Clive. A wise and insightful dog like yourself will always have a loyal pack of followers in cyber space. Just because he is a fun loving hound doesn't mean your followers are going to jump ship. What's fun compared to your intelligence.

Clive said...

Isn't it odd how two girls can have such different attitudes? Again I am impressed by the wisdom of Ruby.

As for that Rosie thing well, all I can say is just you wait madam. Just you wait. My dignity is well in tact.

It is.

Ruby Isabella said...

Congratulations! I have an award for you on my blog.