Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tonight has been...well, challenging. We were of course working (hosting duties, meet and greet, you know the kind of thing) and there were plenty of regulars in who all needed sniffing out and making feel special.

2 dogs came in for dinner, who we know a little, but they don't really say hi so we just left them to get on with it. They're very polite, just not all that sociable. I don't take offence at that, each dog to itself I say.

Things got a bit crowded, though, later on. A foxy little spaniel girl came in but boy was she a livewire! A bit old for me too, so I retired upstairs and contented myself with shouting my presence known from the top of the stairs. Just so they knew. She did have good ear hair...

I came back down when Doris arrived. She's a regular who we're still getting to know. She's a bit young still, and well...she's a bit bigger than me so I watch my toes. But she's really friendly. The best thing about Doris though is that she absolutely terrifies Dylan. It's hilarious! He ducks and dives to try and get past her without attracting her attention, but Doris loves Dylan so she's doing everything she can to get to him! Fantastic! I just sit back and watch the show. Sometimes he'll sneak up on her from behind to check out her bootie but as soon as she notices that's it - he runs! Ha!

Anyway, apparently things got "out of hand", whatever that means, and him and I were put upstairs to "chill out". Like we needed it. Still, there are compensations to retiring out of the public eye. We got a cow's ear each and have a good chew on them for a while.

A happy dog is one with a very full stomach.

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