Friday, 12 September 2008

A thoughtful day

Tonight I am pondering the fickleness of personal attraction. I'm not talking about doggy love, but dog-human stuff. Let me explain.

There's this one woman, a local, a customer. For some reason unknown to doggydom I had an instant and strong aversion to her. It wasn't anything I could put my paw on, it just was. Everytime I saw her I was struck by that classic doggy quandry: stand your ground or flee. So I ricocheted emotionally between barking my head off (yes, I hold my paw up, sometimes I bark at people - well, honestly, some of these people...but I digress). So, either I barked or I ran, as fast as I could, to the safety of Upstairs.

But. But. Last night in she came and it was like a switch had flipped in my head! I felt an overwhelming welcome bubble up inside me. Before I knew what was what I had risen up off my front paws and placed then on her knee! I was leaning for a kiss...and my tail! You should have seen it! I was helpless in the face of this feeling. I am ashamed to say I even rolled over on my back and encouraged her to tickle my tummy. Why? Why oh why? After months of dislike, I just cannot understand it. I may hate her on sight again tomorrow, but all I know is that for now I am a straw blowing aimlessly in the wind of life. Who knows where it will take me next?

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