Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tripping the tripe fantastic!

I am assured that the vegan cook books are for human use only. Not yet completely reassured, though I was delighted to find that I had tripe for lunch today. Apparently, now I am a super fit slim diggity hound (you would expect nothing less from a triathlete of course) I am allowed this divine treat.

It has, in fact, made me a little thoughtful. You may have noticed I am dedicated to my food. And your food. And anyones really to be honest. I just love it with all of my soul. But I have to admit to feeling really rather sparky these days. I had no winter fat this year, no jiggle on my Richard Gere arse (oh yes, believe me, it's the spit) and I have a higher top speed than ever before which comes in mightily handy when chasing recalcitrant collie whippets who sadly have a smug turn of speed.

Now I haven't in any way lost my adoration of a giant pile of food. I could no more do that than turn into a monkey. But...perhaps I have lost a little of my desperation?

You don't think I'm becoming middle aged do you?


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