Tuesday, 4 November 2008

This Thing Called Democracy

I have been very interested to learn that there is something called an 'election' going on in America, which I believe is somewhere to the west of Wales, where I now reside. I have read up on what an 'election' is and am astonished to find that the leader of the pack of America is being voted for by the pack members!

I never heard of such a thing! Apparently, this is called Democracy, which is today's new word.

This has deep ramifications for my entire setup. I don't recall having an 'election' here. I've been with my pack nearly 3 years now and am sure I wouldn't have missed such a momentous event. There certainly wasn't a vote on whether to let That Whippet join. I know how I would have voted on that one!

Anyway. I am wondering. Does this lack of 'democratic rights' mean I reside in a dictatorship? Am I under the thumb of a harsh and illegal regime? Are my civil rights being eroded every moment that I breath?

Or, and this is a horrifying thought, do dogs not get a vote????

Now I cannot truly believe this, since we hounds are integral parts of the wheel of human life, but I am not sure which of the two options is the worse. Having my Dad (yes, despite her best efforts, poor old mum really isn't pack leader material) lord it up over me without any kind of mandate (I'm getting good at the lingo aren't I?) really isn't acceptable.

So it is with a committed heart that I have to launch my new campaign. The Toys are Free (I cannot bring myself to wholly explain this since it involves unacceptable levels of talking about That Damn Whippet) and my efforts are no longer needed there.


The Campaign to Democratise Our Pack.

We have already held a straw poll between myself and Dylan and it was a unanimous vote for ME. I was delighted, and the Whippet wasn't at all coached.

Not one little bit.


Hazel said...

I support you Clive!

Muppet said...

Clive for President!!!

FlossieJane said...

atta boy - but remember a little education is a dangerous thing so you will now have to learn a new word each day. Taking presidence can lead to a downturn - now there's a new concept for you as soon as you feel happy with Democracy. Don't squash That Whippet entirely as you might suffer a backlash.

FlossieJane said...

Sir, I feel compelled to take up the cudgels on behalf of your Mum. Who decided she was not pack leader material? Was there a vote? Did you receive a manifesto from all candidates or was there a gender problem and females were excluded at the starting post? I am outraged! I feel a slur is in the air! I am the progenitor of your Mum!

Anonymous said...

Clive - I am concerned that, were you to become elected pack leader, you may turn your rule into that of El Spaniel Dictator... Heaven knows why I harbour such dark worries about you...